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Our anti-doping commitment

Our anti-doping commitment


Our anti-doping commitment

ISOSTAR CONTRACT - An exclusive anti-doping charter

Because your victory will always be the best, the biggest, the most emotional, Isostar has created its "Isostar Quality Contract" charter. We're proud to present you this charter.
It represents the real values of sport, a moral attitude that we hope to convey to all sportsmen and women.

Both in our products and in our actions on the pitch, the Isostar Quality Contract reflects our ethics.
Today we are the first brand to take a firmly position supporting the anti-doping campaign.

In practical terms our action is based on a series of quality measures implemented several years ago.

This is our quality contract, offered by us to the consumer, in the name of the beauty of sport.

In 2009 all Isostar products were guaranteed by the "Isostar Quality Contract" logo.